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Pupils gain self belief and business knowledge

“You have inspired my class and supported them through a fantastic journey.  Dreamway are still debating whether to start a new business with their winning £5s!  I am going to mix up the teams and let them do it again at the summer fair.  The Headmaster and Governor were impressed by the buzz in the hall."  Year 6 Teacher, 2015.

"It was a fun course that allowed us to learn skills we need for life that we don’t learn in school.” The Mall pupil, 2015.

“Without you I would have no idea what I would have done when I grow up.” Kew College pupil, 2015.

"I am happy that I learnt business at a young age so when I grow up I'll know what to do in a business." Flora Gardens pupil, 2015.

Pupils learn how to work effectively in teams

"This course taught my pupils about taking responsiblity within a group, time management and team work skills.  I would definitely recommend this course to others as it is a great experience for all." Year 6 Teacher, 2015.

“I enjoyed working as a team and behaving like a proper adult.” Kew College pupil, 2015.” “I really enjoyed working in teams and having the freedom to choose our own ideas.”  Newland House pupil, 2014.

"I learned that if you work as a team you will succeed." Ark Bentworth Primary pupil 2015.

"I learned that teamwork in the key to success and cruicial in a profitable business."  Flora Gardens pupil 2015.

Pupils' financial capability is developed

“This is an excellent course that has given the children great knowledge of how a business works." Year 6 Teacher, 2015.

I learnt how to use money wisely and to run my own business." King Solomon Academy pupil, 2015.

“Stride taught me about the economy and how the UK makes its money," Flora Gardens pupil, 2015.

"The more you learn the more you earn.  And don't ever cut corners!" Ark Bentwroth Primary pupil, 2015. 

"The most useful thing I learned was the formulas for working out income, expenses and profit." King Solomon Academy pupil, 2015.

"I enjoyed that we got to use real money and get to know what a real business would be like."  Ark Bentworth pupil, 2015.

Pupils have fun whilst learning new skills and how to solve problems

“The Stride Project was a fantastic scheme that allowed our children to really grow in different areas.  They were able to be creative and independent, as well as work on their team building and problem solving skills.  It was a great opportunity and the children at King Solomon Academy thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience." Year 6 Teacher.

"Thank you to Nikki and Elena for involving us with the Stride Project.  It was a great opportunity.  We were very impressed with the progress the pupils have made through all the stages - from ideas to delivery of profitable mini-businesses to perfect pitch presentations. We are looking forward to the next project." Manager, Bermondsey Pub Company - course sponsor.

"Thank you for your help in business and your exciting games.” Kew College Pupil, 2015.

“It was fun, informative and interactive.  I learned what business could be like when I am an adult.” The Mall Pupil, 2015.

"I learned that when you do a mistake you can always find a way through it so you must never give up." King Solomon Academy pupil, 2015.

"I loved that we made our own business plan and that we made it actually happen."  Flora Gardens pupil, 2015.

Pupils learn to lead and gain confidence in their own abilities

“It is vital that young people of today appreciate and are prepared for life after school and I have enjoyed watching the girls plan their adventure with passion and enthusiasm.”  David Alexander, Head of Newland House School, 2014.

"I have learned how to speak out and be confident." Ark Bentworth Pupil, 2015.

"Stride taught me to be able to communicate with different people."  Flora Gardens pupil, 2015.

"I enjoyed making stuff and working as a team because it will help me with my future job."  Ark Bentworth pupil, 2015.

"I learned how to lead a team." King Solomon Academy pupil, 2015.

Pupils' communication and presentation skills are developed

“Having done graduate recruitment for many years, I can honestly say that the presentation stacked up really well against many I saw in terms of clarity of thought!”

Parent at Newland House School, 2014. 

“I enjoyed starring in the video and loved making our product.” Ravenscourt Park Prep School Pupil, 2015.

"I enjoyed that I got to be a businessman and got to do a slideshow." Flora Gardens pupil, 2015.

"I learned how to go shopping by myself and how to do a PowerPoint presentation." King Solomon Academy pupil, 2015.

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